Wednesday, February 02, 2005

"The timetable set out by the Iraqi Election Commission is very long and the silence of its members about the preliminary count is so suspicious!

The Iraqis requesting from the ICE to show as soon as possible how the count is done and why it took so long for the results!

The on going meetings between some of the parties with Alawi including those who have not joined the election make the suspicion even higher.

It is against the will of the Iraqis in which they challenged the threat of death and went to vote with their souls over their hands if any one like to cling to power or to buy time or to leak results direct to the parties before it goes public.

In the USA and other big parts of the worlds the results come so quick and the candidates or parties even admit their losses earlier before the official results.

Allowing certain parties to buy time to make negotiations and coalitions are against the will of Iraqi people.
The Iraqis need immediate results from the IEC soon otherwise they need to prove that they are not biased to any one among the parties."
It's coming , It's coming, I am sure that the results are being counted as we speak.


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