Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"Here are what I thought were interesting stories this week. Mainly cos I'm fed up with having stories about the poor resistance (who just so happen to be murdering thugs and criminals) rubbed in my face mercilessly.

Remember Amar Mohammed, the down syndrome kid who was used as a human bomb on election voters, well his family have been interviewed and they explain how the criminals lured him.

His mother is unable to forgive herself for mistaking the intentions of the strangers whose promises of help for her desperately poor family ultimately led her 19-year-old son to his fate as a weapon in the war against America.

The family spent the last 12 years of Saddam Hussein's rule on the run because Fatima's 50-year-old husband, Ahmed, was an army deserter. They fled to Baghdad from the southern city of Basra, but without local residency papers he was unable to find work.

Accustomed to living on charity, they were not entirely surprised when, 10 days before the election, two men got out of a car that pulled into their alley to announce that they were from the local Sunni mosque and they wanted to help Amar.

"Sunnis had helped us before so I didn't think it strange. It felt good that these men cared for us and they were so affectionate to Amar."

She recounts painfully how a neighbour told her Amar was definitely the bomb carrier because he had recognised the teenager's decapitated head where it lay on open ground

"We went to the Sunni mosque but the Imam was crying too. He said he did not know these men.""


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