Saturday, December 11, 2004

"Article 58"

"Article 58 has not been implemented in Kirkuk. It seems that the Iraqi government has no plans to change what Saddam did in Kirkuk. The Iraqi government might indeed agree with what Saddam did in Kirkuk. Not giving any help to resettle the Kurdish refugees in Kirkuk and not helping the Arab settlers to return to south Iraq are some signs of that.
Not just that, the American soldiers, were given "clean-up" jobs in Kirkuk. Not "cleaning-up" terrorists but cleaning up Kirkuk's streets from Kurdistan flags.
From time to time, they go in missions going in the streets in Kirkuk to remove all Kurdistan flags.
I mean can the American marines tell their natives Americans in USA that they are not allowed to fly their favourite football team's flag ?! So why we are not allowed to fly our "Kurdistan" flags in Kirkuk ?! What is in a flag ?!"
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