Saturday, December 11, 2004

roots in Iraq

Responding to abbaskadhim.blogspot Nadia wrote:
I think it’s time that he shuts up too. Many times I hear people try to blame the ordinary people in the Arab countries for not doing enough for the Iraqi people under Saddam. I think that is wrong it gives the impression that somehow the people in Arab countries are free to say and act the way they want and that is not the case at all. Torture of civilians opposing unelected leaders and governments is spread all over the ME. It is the leaders that had the choice not to support Saddam, the business people that had the choice not to do business with Saddam and the money lenders that had the chose not to give him loans that have blood on their hands. King of Jordan is one of them.
Just before the war broke out I was in Egypt, one Egyptian guy told me that he loved Saddam. So then I sat down and talked to him and told him how life was for Iraqis, and that the jumping up and down support was a must otherwise you would be killed or tortured and I we talked a lot. During the time he apologized and was embarrassed that he did not know. I for one was not surprised, Saddam’s propaganda was huge, and then the Egyptian press really did not write anything about mass graves or torture in Iraq either. The Egyptian government itself uses routinely torture. For me all Arabs I have met they have given support for the Iraqi people, I was in Portugal recently and med some people from Tunisia; I was treated like a queen when they learned that I had roots in Iraq. These unelected leaders in the ME should start packing their bags, their time is over. I really want that.



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