Saturday, December 18, 2004

Are the Sunnies starting to come around?

"At a recent meeting an academic spoke to the assembled sheiks, imams, and politicians and stated that the main purpose of the National Assembly they will be electing in January is to write a new Iraqi constitution. He then said (quite correctly) that the consitution will be voted on in a national referrendum that will be held sometime next year. The constitution must be approved by seventy-five percent of the voters to be ratified. Then he made his pitch..."we can fully participate in the 30 January elections and, if we do not approve of the constitution that is written, we will have to do our best to ensure that it is not approved. Then, by law, a new National Assembly will be elected and a new constitution drafted." "This," he said, "means that we should do our best to participate and therefore get as many seats in the assembly as possible in order to ensure a constitution we can agree on. If the constitution turns out to be unsuitable then we must mobilize our voters to reject it.""
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