Saturday, December 18, 2004

Dictator fan club

The most important thing that we Cubans here in the US have in common with the people of Iraq is our utter disgust with those people and Governments that have for years supported and cheered our respective dictators.
I have posted many stories on this blog from the Iraqis and how they feel toward this dictator fan club, It's no different for us.
Val at Babalu blog puts it this way
Frustration a lo Cubano
You know, there's nothing worse than an American castro apologist. Tucked under the security blanket of freedom and rights that other people pay a dear price to afford them, all the while spewing the venom of propaganda for a regime that systematically and profoundly denigrates the individual.

The worse thing about people like that is that there is no way to have a reasonable conversation or debate with them. How can one make a person understand truth when that person knows that they aren't being truthful with themselves?

I am so frustrated right now because of a little blog encounter I just had with an American castro lover. I will be dealing with this in more detail once the steam stops billowing from my anger
Babalu Blog


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