Friday, December 17, 2004

Fevered pitch: The killing fields

"On the same time in Mosel insurgents killed and mutilated members of Iraqi security forces and today 3 Westerners has been attacked and 2 were shot while the third was beheaded. Their bodies mutilated and corpses scattered along the main road. See Video.


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"In the second-largest activation since the start of the war on terrorism in 2001, the Florida National Guard will call up about 1,000 people this spring for a late-summer assignment to Afghanistan, Guard officials said Wednesday.

One of those is Dave Sullivan, 32, of Hialeah.

As a full-time Florida National Guard staff sergeant and Iraqi war veteran who returned home in March, Sullivan could have stayed behind, helping to prepare the troops to be sent.

Instead, he chose to lead them."
Miami Herald

10:06 AM  
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"The half-hour programme called Election Radio will be available on a variety of independent, local Iraqi radio stations throughout the election period"

11:58 AM  

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