Saturday, December 18, 2004

An interesting series on: "Piles of Insurgent Stuff."

"To start off todays montage I like to call "Piles of Insurgent Stuff." Not only was this a good haul I really like the way this picture came out. I'm thinking of enlarging it and framing it. We went on one of our last missions near Baghdad to an abandoned military base that had been used as an insurgent training camp. We found 17 guys there I always refer to as "The 17" in conversation with my platoon. They claimed to be guards for the oil company even though there were no oil assets there or anywhere near there. These weapons were in the back of a truck when I took this picture along with some other goodies. An RPG and the new advanced sight for it. Several grenades and gobs of ammo for all. I also found several used RPG rocket fins lying around the camp, maybe a battle or practicing but they were fairly new and not weathered. A few guys took the folding bayonet off the AK's which upset me that I didn't think about that. I am a gun lover and real Soviet parts are scarce so I pulled a couple of muzzle compensators off since they were real old Soviet ones. I have them in what I call my "Iraq Box" here in my office at home. At least I got a nice picture."
Candle in the Dark and here and here and the mother load here


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