Sunday, October 03, 2004

Blog idea

I was looking into who?? I'm going to vote for in the Florida Senate race, and I came across Betty's page
Betty Castor for U.S. Senate

and noticed that she had a blog. It reminded me of another blog idea I had before this one.

That would be, that every office of an Elected official should have an Official blog. Where they post the officials daily schedules, speeches, appearances, and votes. Just the kind of thing that blogs where made for.

But I would also like to have a section for the official's constituents. These people would have a password (on their voters registration card) that would allow them to create A constituents account, that could be as anonymous or real as you like. This account would identify you as a constituent and give you access to the comments section, or at a minimum highlight your comments as coming from a constituent, in some way, could be a different color.

This would give the public direct access to their representative, live on the Internet, 24/7. Putting all the relevant issues at your fingertips.
If there is some vote coming up on some issue that you are interested, you could simply look at the upcoming vote page read your representatives position, or lack there of, and post your views on the matter or debate the issue with the other participants.

The blog would also offer the elected official a quick look at the opinions of the registered public on any issue complete with profiles of the people that participate.
This is long enough, if you got any question, or if this already exist somewhere let me know.



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