Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I thought this was so Funny I had to post it. The look on the kid's face, I am still laughing
Thank you Parker


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is such crap, you people cannot criticize the movie so you pick on one little thing, it is pathetic, that kid was a real Iraqi riding a bike enjoying himself right, that was the point, Moore didn't say Iraq was heavan so don't put words in his mouth, he didn't make up that footage, it is real footage and shows the humanity of the Iraqi people, that was the point of it, to show that Iraqi kids are like American kids, they like to play, ride bikes, fly kites, etcs, it shows the humanity in the Iraqi people instead of the US media portrayals of Iraqis as savages, animals, brutal, etc.

I have many disagreements with F911 but that is not one of them, that was totally blown out of porportion by republicans who want to distract from the real issues in the movie and focus on one little petty thing to discredit Michael Moore, Michael MOore has done good for the American people and making poeple think and ask questions, you are a hypocrite, do you want the US to be like Iraq, do you want Moore to only make movies blessing Bush or only saying good things about the government, it is a blessing we have someone willing to stick their neck and ask some real tough questions, you want this country to turn into north korea were movies only glorify the president and the government, give us all a break and focus on the real issues of the movie, like the Bush-bin Laden connection, it is real not manufactured, you are so insensitive, how about the mother who lost her son in Iraq, was she lying and acting for the camera, do you have your son in Iraq fighting and dying, were is your heart and sense at.

InFidel Castro

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Blogger madtom said...

Now aren't you glad you got all that off your chest.

Look I am a life long liberal. I have not even seen the movie yet, so I can't comment on that. But I still think that is one of the funniest cartoons I have seen in a while. lol I'm still laughing trying to write this. Thats all I wanted to say by posting it.
I know that they are using this moore thing and no doubt the artist had the right wing in mind when he/ she took pen to paper. Will it convince people that moore wants to elect Mr. Saddam for prez. Of the US, who knows???
Sometimes we can all laugh together. Each for his own reasons.
Thank you for your comments mr. presidente


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