Sunday, April 30, 2006

Get Up Stand Up

"The battle raging the past few months concerning free speech (i.e. Muhammad cartoons) has gotten me thinking about what things are worth fighting for. Should we battle Islamic extremism in the world today? Should we fight for freedom of speech? Should we fight for freedom to be spread across the world to places that are unaccustomed to it? Should we fight to stop the production of nuclear weapons in countries like Iran? What exactly should we do as the sole superpower in the world today? Do we have an obligation, or even just a good reason, to fight for these things or should we just build a big fence around America and keep everything at bay for as long as we can?"
I don't know I keep hearing a lot about a fence? I think a lot of people see that as the right solution. I think they want a fence for many reasons, some they say in public, like immigration, other reasons they say in private for public appearances.

Like I said before, terrorism is against my religion because it threatens one of it's fundamental tenants, freedom and liberty. And we can't have that.
So I say, Death to the infidels, their supporters, and all those who stand by on the sidelines when terrorist act in their name.

For whatever reason, providence or just plain bad luck it again falls to US to protects ourselves and others from a scourge that threatens the liberty of millions with a destructive ideology with imperialistic aims.

We are coming, we are not afraid, we will destroy our enemies wherever we find them.


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