Sunday, April 30, 2006

100% hand made perfect quality wife....

"Remember the time when I wrote about how one US company was making millions and it built nothing...Now that it is published, I can speak about it...Im reading an article right now about that same company in the LA Times. Its funny how the contractors blame the Gov and vice versa....In all honesty and truth, and I should know cuz I know people who worked on this project, Parsons are the ones to blame for the massive failure. The project managers who were overseeing Parson's progress, predicted that the program will never finish in Dec of 2005. Parsons promised to deliver 142 Primary health care clinics (PHCs) by end of Dec, the project managers predicted only a few will be completed by then. But the upper managemet believed who else but Parsons, in hope that they might be saying the truth....Umm yeah sure..."
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
Sounds like a failure of the Gov. to me. Or more like I have been saying all along mismanagement.


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