Sunday, April 30, 2006

Zawahri and Osama harm Islam for Political Purpose

"Zawahri and Osama harm Islam using politics and everyone one is wondering if these two have released news this week for a purpose. Who knows, at the same time there have been numerous Islamic peacebuilding conferences going on around the world at the same time, countering their use of Islam for political reasons. One in Jordan, two others in the US (one of which I was suppose to present my paper, yes, I finally finished my research, Islamic Approaches and Principles of Dialogue).

Really, I think these two men have totally lost it and are out of touch with reality or have an aim of self fulfilling prophecy. The fact is, their words and actions have harmed Islam and Muslims beyond anything the US or anyone outside of the Ummah could achieve. Both men have issued statements that are purely political and have not contributed to Da’wah or Islam in anyway. I wonder who is paying them to destroy and desecrate the religion and the Prophet’s teachings, peace be upon him."
Pearls of Iraq


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