Saturday, March 25, 2006

I love Google Reader

"The internet Nazis that lord over our net connection have been hard at work lately, thwarting morale by blocking access to certain sites. While some restrictions like pornography and gambling sites are reasonable, their recent crusade has attacked web mail, gaming, and my personal blog. That’s right. It’s been several weeks since I viewed my own blog in its native form. It’s also prudent to point out that “gaming” sites doesn’t just include sites with online games, but sites that merely discuss video games like,, and Not viewing my blog doesn’t prevent me from posting, as long as I have email, but I cannot add reply comments, nor view comments."
Midnight in Iraq
I find this fucking amazing, not that the military is blocking site, I knew that, but that he would come out and say it after responding the way he did last week to a question from a reader:

Q: What is your opinion about the Pentagon’s decision to control every new milblog?

A: I am unaware of any such decision by the Pentagon and would have to read the details before commenting.

I guess he's become intimately aware of the details


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