Friday, March 24, 2006

You Gotta be Kidding Me

"So this is why we're still in Afghanistan? I mean, I was all for kicking some Taliban ass and going after al-Qa'eda and its commanders, but it seems to me that we need to be making it clear to those backward morons that as long as we're there, nobody is getting prosecuted for converting religions. And if they don't like it, tough. This isn't the 12th century. I mean, damn, their freaking constitution guarantees freedom of religion."
Yoan Hermida
My question is, did you bother to read the constitution, or did you take the administrations word that that constitution guaranteed rights like religious freedom to the people of Afghanistan?
If you would have bothered to read the thing you would not be asking this now. And by the way did you notice who was put as the supreme court? No you took the administrations word again. Next time I would suggest that you inform yourself and not just take whatever the administration says as gospel.


Blogger B. Will Derd said...

Yes, I bothered to read it---just what is your point? Any constitution in an Islamic dominated society is going to begin with Sharia law as its declared 'base', but no free society where the will of the majority has any weight is going to seriously adhere to the more archaic tenets. Especially when the average voting age is in the mid twenties and having windows opening to the modern world. From where they started, the Afghan constitution is a thing of beauty and source of pride in those that made it happen. Unless you just want to see the worst. This guy will not be beheaded and will show the old guys a new day is upon them. At the very worst, he will be declared incompetent to stand trial--how would any sane many turn his back on Islam?

If I am wrong, and the young people who dominate the Afghan population are willing to go the Taliban route, then it is time to bulldoze the place along with every other place like it. But I'm not wrong. Still, someone ought to whisper those sentiments into the right ears just to help in their decision making process.

9:24 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

My point was that the afghan constitution like the Iraq one does no offer people anything like religious freedom, or at least nothing we would recognize as such. So why be surpassed by this story. I have been hearing about it all week and I had not even bothered to post it. But when read this guy post I just has to say something, you know it should come as no surprised that they would execute this guy. It's a capital crime in all the Islamic countries to convert from Islam, it's a crime in Egypt, and I would assume Jordan too. The new constitution give religious freedom some lip service but they have so many loopholes that you could drive a tank through.

The Judge in the case released a statement today which basically said that we should mind our own business. And I think he's right, he's acting within the law. The guy is toast

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