Monday, March 27, 2006

American forces crime against the worshipers

"The American forces in Baghdad committed a criminal act by a raid on a mosque (Al-Mostafa Hussiayniyah) in Ur district in Baghdad. These forces invaded the mosque during the Sunset prayer. The worshipers were armless doing their prayers. The American forces were heavily armed and supported by helicopters. They collected the worshipers in one room and open fire on them!

At least 37 worshipers were instantly killed by the American soldiers while arresting others.

For the last 3 years Iraq became a place for death, torture, disappearances, kidnapping, lack of security, and no progress to rebuild what was destroyed by the war."
We are slowly loosing even our best supporters in Iraq, very soon there will be no one left in Iraq that supports our actions. We will be forced to turn our guns on the people themselves if nothing is done. Something must be done, someone need to step up to the challenge and bring order back to the streets.


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