Monday, March 27, 2006

Iraq is under control... but by whom?!

"For Khidhr Mahallawi, the chalk and the blackboard were his only friends. He didn’t know they will be the reasons behind his murder.

Mahallawi, a 35-year-old teacher of English was a resident of Ramadi, a restive city west of Baghdad. He wasn't able to stop ten armed men who broke into the classroom. “Your teacher is an agent to the CIA,” the terrorists told the students whose eyes were staring.

Panicked by the scene, the students hurried away from the classroom except some who were not able to. They saw their teacher beheaded in front of them. The terrorists used one of the desks as their altar.

Mahallawi "looked at us just like he was telling us that we do not have to be scared. Even as we were running out of the door, his looks were still telling us that nothing will happen and we do not have to be scared," the Washington Post quoted a student, whose father asked that his name not be used. "I heard him screaming for a few seconds, then stop screaming."

Later, the group Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which is responsible for most of the brutal attacks here, issued a statement considering the beheaded teacher a “CIA and occupation agent.” Their statement which was signed by “The Mujaheddin Shura”, a recently formed council of terrorist groups believed to be led by al-Qaeda in Iraq was hanged of a Ramadi local mosque. “The Mujahideen warned him several times. He claimed he stopped working with them but he continued,” the statement read."
Treasure of Baghdad


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