Monday, December 26, 2005

Reconstruction in Iraq!

'First of all, thank you all for the nice response to the reconstruction debate that went on. I never knew this would be of such importance.
I would like now to show a picture of what is happening in Iraq now.

Some of you said that the phone system in Iraq was rehabilitated, or rebuilt the phone system. Well, the phone system was never bombed dear. The only telecommunication building which was bombed in Baghdad was the Sinak building, which was for communication outside Iraq. And believe it or not, the building is still rubble! But that doesn’t mean there is no telecommunication rehabilitation in the country. There are some neighborhood that lost the connection because of the insurgent attacks, and these were rehabilitated. Also, in Anbar, the U.S. and insurgent bombs killed the service, and just recently the U.S. Marines rebuilt the system in Fallujah only.

Some of you talked about the water system. Well, for God’s sake, I live in the country and see it everyday. I just wish you could be in Baghdad in a rainy day. Streets flood with water and sewer. Garbage everywhere in the streets, while the Americans are paying billions of dollars to finance municipality projects."
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