Sunday, December 25, 2005

Off to War

"OFF TO WAR follows 57 citizen soldiers of the Arkansas National Guard from Clarksville, Arkansas, as they leave their jobs and their families to deploy to Iraq.
Part One:
On October 12th, 2003 2,800 members of the Arkansas National Guard were officially notified they would be spending the next year of their lives in Iraq. 57 of those called to duty are from a town called Clarksville, population approximately 7,000 people. In the first installment of OFF TO WAR, viewers are introduced to some of these guardsmen, all with the 239th Engineer Company.

Part Two:
Following the Arkansas National Guard through training, the segment accompanies the troops to their new home in Baghdad. The unit has been warned that the Iraqi insurgents know the newcomers are inexperienced. The men and their families are fearful that these guardsmen, who work in sales, farming and other non-military jobs back home, could become the targets of Iraqi militia groups bent upon attacking Americans. "
Off to War
I have not seen any of these episodes of this program, But a coworker of mine that did see it has demanded that I post it. So I Googled it and found a few links to the show there are some video bios here of the main characters, and the Discovery channel main show page Here. If anyone out there has seen it, and can offer us some commentary on this program, please leave a comment.


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