Sunday, December 25, 2005

Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq

Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq (Hardcover)
by Nina Berman (Photographer)

I saw the presentation by the author of her book last night on C-SPAN, and was very impressed. First when the author talked about why she made this book it reminded me of why I started this blog.
If you haven't seen it yet on C-SPAN I recommend you watch for it this weekend, they are sure to repeat it, the best part was the Q&A, again it reminded me of this blog, on one side you have the people saying that publishing this would hurt the war effort, you have the author saying that her images were a part of the human cost of war that the public should see when they decide if they are willing to bear the cost, and you have the other side thanking the author for bringing her subjects story out, a story they said was worth telling. Just like the commentary that goes on around here. So I recommend this book because I agree that the public should know and that the soldiers story is worth telling, and I disagree that the war should be conducted behind a curtain.


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