Monday, December 26, 2005

Bullet-riddled body of Iraqi student leader found in Mosul

"MOSUL (Reuters) - The bound and bullet-riddled body of an Iraqi student leader was found on Sunday, a few days after he led a campus march alleging fraud in last week's election, a students' group said.

The body of Qusay Salahaddin was found close to a hospital in the northern city of Mosul with his hands bound behind his back and marks of strangling on it, a hospital source said.

Gunmen took Salahaddin, president of Mosul University's students' union, from his house on Thursday and bundled him into the trunk of a car before driving off, said Mohammed Jassim, a friend of the victim. He said Salahaddin used his mobile phone to make last-ditch pleas for help.

"Save me, the Peshmerga have kidnapped me," Jassim quoted Salahaddin, a Sunni Arab, as saying before the line went dead, apparently referring to Kurdish militia groups operating in northern Iraq."
The Kurdistani


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