Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Mom is Fine.....

"My god, a friend of mine called me all the way from London to here, to make sure if my mom is Ok...that scared the hell outta me!!!! Dr Saif, how dare you say something that isnt true!!!! I dont even know who you are....Dont you ever dare say something like that again!!!That just pissed me offf....Imagine how would you feel when you get a phonecall asking if your mom is ok and she aint dying!!! That just did it for me......DONT U DARE WHOEVER YOU ARE DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!! Its one thing im miles away from my family........"
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
I hate to say it, but this sounds like a threat. Be careful Neurotica, advise your family to be very careful. This guy would seem to have inside information. Where did he get your number, how does he know your name?
And unfortunately now he knows for sure that you are Neurotica. I would consider this a significant security breach and would take the necessary precautions.


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