Monday, October 17, 2005

This steams me....

"Truth Teller from A Family from Mosul has been posting recently some articles about the validity of Saddam ordering the bombing of Halapja. News stories blaming the Iranian government for the gassing of Kurds is nothing new, but they seem to resurface over and over. Truth Teller has posted two stories in the past few days, here and here, and of course my favorite entitled No Proof Saddam Gassed the Kurds. Rather than paraphrases each post, please read what he wrote (which is mostly articles written by other people) and let me know what you think."


Blogger strykerdad said...

Again--same here. I have met several Kurds through email, the first of which contacted me after some early 'run ins' with TT on the Kurd thing. Two continue to write me to this day, but one refuses to post anything to him directly and the other doesn't acknowledge my questions about whether or not she has commented on his blog. I suspect she has. They say they are terrified of TT (and Hurria)though they tell me they don't know him personally as far as they know, just have had enough experience with those they think are of the same mind as his and do not want to take any chances they may be 'tracked down'later. I find that disturbing and difficult to forget when engaging him, though he likely bears no responsiblility for their irrational fear of being found out--but what do I know? They have lived it.

I am too confrontational on his blog and do little more than irritate the man (and others which I have to admit I take some pleasure in doing). My writing speed outpaces my thinking pretty often and I find myself wishing for an edit option. Fortunately, I ma a southerner and don't have taht problem in speaking nearly as often.
I think I have led him to reveal some things, though, that he may not have had he not been irritated. I thought your response to him on the 'brothers into enemies' was well done and to the point, but it escapes me why so many others turn a blind eye to, what seems to me, is the obvious logic behind your point.

Anyway, I just visited your blog and find it interesting--thought I'd say 'hey' and keep up the good work.

4:40 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

Hi Strykerdad,

Welcome to my blog! And would invite you to read the Mission statement posted on the side bar. Enjoy your visit.

I think we must have been talking to the same people, or at least people that have all had similar experiences. You got to expect lots of dirty laundry showing through the new windows into Iraq. and you also have to expect that some people will be pilling it up by the windows to expose the issues and others trying to push it behind the curtains to hide problems.

5:24 PM  
Blogger strykerdad said...

You may have noticed that 'Truth Teller' has removed all comments from both his CoM and Fam blogs. Not sure what precipitated the decision, but I think I have a good idea having read the posts immediately prior to their deletion. I guess he needed bigger curtains (ref to yours above).

4:09 PM  

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