Monday, October 17, 2005

Voted... Not me though

"An hour ago, dad came back from the mosque and said that the voting center is open. I went upstairs, changed my clothes, prayed and came down to go out with the family.

We went out to vote.. I and HNK are under the legal age, but we went out all together. The neighbors were out, waiting in the streets, men and women.
"They say a bus will come and pick us up to the voting center" said a neighbor.. And so we waited.. Few minutes later, the bus came and we all went up. It wasn't enough and so each 3 sat on 2 seats....
...After about half an hour, and with the help of our neighbor who has already voted, we knew we can vote. Our turn came, mom went in with us, she voted for herself and dad (Who was waiting outside for his turn, but since mom had his ID card, she could vote for him).. They even gave us 3 voting cards, by mistake, but we returned the third."
A Star from Mosul
That sounds like voter fraud to me? It's supposed to be one person one vote.


Blogger strykerdad said...

My thoughts also. Dad didn't tell the story exactly the same way, but it sounds like those 'Kurds and puppet Arabs' were quite accommodating.

4:16 PM  

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