Friday, October 14, 2005


No not in Iraq, in the republican party. Why? Well the presidents nominee to the supreme court Mrs. Miers. The party is split down, well party lines, the conservatives and neo-cons are mad as hell about the nomination of Miers, they say she is not qualified to sit on the high court, for one, she's a woman, and has never been a judge, so they do not know her judicial philosophy. In other words they have no idea how she would vote. They wanted someone that was guaranteed to vote for them. But the president seems to have other ideas. he was looking I think for someone that would not clash with the democrats in the Senate. The president did not want a showdown with the dems. I think he's looking to the future of his party. A drawn out fight with the dems might have an effect in the upcoming elections and might make him look like a lame duck early in his second term. seems to me he made a choice between fighting the dems that would be coming armed to the teeth with slogans like "he lied and they died" or fight his own party with a Miers nomination and control the damage. The republicans are sure to have a cleaner fight with their president, and I don't think they will filibuster Miers, though they might vote her out. But that's a fight that win or lose the president wont come out of too bloodied.


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