Thursday, September 22, 2005

Nigerian Militants Seize Chevron Oil Facility

"Nigerian Militants Seize Chevron Oil Facility

Armed militants have begun attacks on oil installations in Nigeria's volatile Niger Delta after warning they would do so. The fighters are protesting the arrest of their leader who is being held in the capital, Abuja. Joe Bavier has this report from VOA's West Africa bureau in Abidjan.

Dozens of armed separatists sped in boats toward Niger Delta oil installations owned by U.S.-based oil firm Chevron. Fighters said they had taken over the Idama flow station and forced it to shut down. One commander said they would take over other installations and threatened to set them on fire or blow them up."
Now the terrorist have learned the Katrina lessons, they are ready this time to add to any damage that the storm may cause. I was worried that the terrorist had not been able to capitalize on Katrina, thought maybe they had been damaged to the point were they could not mobilize in time to take hold of an opportunity. I was wrong.

Hurricane Rita Interactive Map


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