Thursday, July 21, 2005

Breaking news

The radio is reporting an incident in the London Underground, some smoke, some people might have heard an explosion but nothing concrete, and an incident on a bus, but there is noting confirmed yet.
The tube is reported closed down, all trains are closed pending further investigation

3 London Underground Stations Evacuated

I'm hearing that it was a nail bomb on the bus... and that there was a bomb on the train, but only the detonator exploded.. all information is coming from the radio.. all unconfirmed

Armed police are searching a hospital, damn I missed the name. University college hospital.. just got the name
There is a report that a suspect threw a backpack into a train and them stepped out of the train just as the doors closed, then people heard a small explosion, like Champaign cork popping... on the surface this sounds like a copycat prank.. but who knows, they are now checking for any signs of chemicals or biologicals.. one person said injured.... Stay tuned


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