Wednesday, July 20, 2005

27 Iraqis Killed Members of Constitution Committee Assassinated

"Guerrillas sprayed a car transporting Sunni Arab members of the constitution-writing committee with gunfire on Tuesday killing all three. They were Shaikh Mujbil al-Shaikh Isa, Aziz Ibrahim, and Dhamin Husain `Ilaiwi al-Ubaidi. Al-Hayat says one of them was a prominent member of the Sunni Dialogue Council, which has committed to participation in civil politics in Iraq. It reports Sunnis darkly hinting that there is a conspiracy to kill off prominent Sunni Arabs (they are hinting that the Shiite government might have been behind it). Borzou Daragahi reports that the National Dialogue Council is now pulling out of involvement with drafting the constitution and is openly accusing the Jaafari government of having killed the three committee members. Al-Hayat says that some parliamentarians complained that the Sunnis on the drafting committee are not being given proper security because they are not themselves MPs. The guerrilla movement had earlier threatened to kill Sunnis who joined the committee, as collaborators with a foreign occupation."
Juan Cole
You forgot to blame the Americans, or the Jews, what's up with that?


Blogger PORTER SR said...

UM...Why didn't those guy's have a gunship escort? I.E., Ip's or Army humvee's or IA's

4:59 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

One of the stories I read said it was because they are not MP's, and so they did not have bodyguards. So I don't know, you would think that once nominated to the constitution writing committee that the job would come with some protection. But maybe they refused coalition or Iraqi government protection so as not to look like collaborators or something like that. Juan Cole is not alone in blaming the Shi'a for their assassination, but I still think it was the terrorist, and but trying to placate them by not having Gov. protection they may have made it easier for the terrorist to get them. But I don't have all the details.

5:19 PM  

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