Sunday, June 26, 2005

Two reactions may solve the mystery of Buhriz photos

"Let me start this off by stating exactly who I am. My name is 1LT TJ Grider. I led the platoon attack that resulted in those insurgents being killed. I personally killed some of them and I took the pictures that are being tossed around on the internet now. My actions and the actions of my men that day were lawful, precise, descriminating, and completely followed the rules of engagement. They did not violate the laws of land warfare or the Geneva Conventions. My only wish is that Mr. Mark Kraft, who apparently follows comments on this website would have tried to contact me and do a little more investigating prior to putting my name on an internet page associating me and my platoon, possibly the most decorated platoon in the 1st Infantry Division during OIF II, with war crimes. Now I will answer a few questions that should put to rest this issue with the majority of the sensible people that read this. To those obsessed with conspiracy theories or already convinced that the U.S. is fighting an unlawful war, I doubt these comments will change your views. On October 22 2004, my platoon received a call to aid a friendly unit in contact in Buhriz. We moved to Buhriz and fought in the city for 8 hours against over 60 RPG attacks, multiple snipers, and an array of insurgents ranging greatly in age, dress, and level of skill."
Baghdad Dweller
Well it looks like my little bit of speculation from the other day was not too far from the facts

Link to the last post in the saga.


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