Friday, May 20, 2005

The Day After

"That next day we rolled back into the fray for a morning patrol. Team MAYHEM was reserved as the sun rose over the city, a dark orange circle cut into the sky, its edge as sharp as a razor. It floated just over the roof tops casting a dull warm light on another day of war and death. I liked the light, it was soft and inviting. The light is always the best just after the sun has slipped below the horizon but the sky and clouds still reflect its rays. After glow, it reminds me of the long summer days that marked the end and beginning of new school years. Mornings like this are a close second. Gentle soft light that touches your skin like a warm comforting heat. The world was a watercolor painting this morning, the colors of the sky washed together and blurred, the landscape, buildings, the people and animals - even the trash - all sharply defined."
This is Your War


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