Thursday, May 19, 2005

Iraq Calls on Neighbors to Stop Insurgency

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari called on neighboring countries Thursday to help prevent foreign terrorists from crossing into Iraq as a series of attacks killed at least 13 Iraqis and one American soldier.

Al-Jaafari's appeal came a day after a top U.S. military official said the leaders of Iraq's most notorious terrorist group recently held a secret meeting in neighboring Syria, where they plotted the recent wave of insurgent violence that has killed hundreds of people."
My Way
Sure there going to listen, sure, they are going to give up Iraq, not just to a Shi'i majority, or a powerful Kurdish block, but do you really think that they will consider, even for a second loosing Iraq to Democracy? Really you believe that, well there are bridges and tall buildings I would love to try and sell you.

You want to see how easy it would be to get them to stop all support for the insurgency and back the Iraqi government. Have the government declare itself a dictatorship.


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