Thursday, May 19, 2005

Spirit of America -- Scam or Legit?

Followers of the Iraqi blogosphere were pleased yesterday to find that Ali, our Free Iraqi, decided to discuss the reasons for his separation from the Spirit of America organization. Today, Ali posts a follow-up blog entry on the subject."
Iraq Bloggers Central
And we also have this from Fayrouz
"Now let's move to the subject of the day. You probably already read Ali's post regarding Spirit of America. I commented on the subject. I told about my experience with the organization. Jim Hake, Founder and CEO of SoA, left a comment on Ali's blog too. As I expected when writing the comment, the organization wasn't happy with my comment. I care more about the Iraqi people than anything else. That's why I posted my comment."
Iraqi in America
Omar responds
We've received some questions from our readers asking about Spirit of America, Friends of democracy and the progress of their partnership.
We know Spirit of America and its people.
They have supported Friends of Democracy (which is an Iraqi nongovernmental organization we have helped with), developed the only specialized Arabic blogging tool that we have written about more than once before and they have done other good things to help the people of Iraq."


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