Saturday, April 23, 2005

"I have been really busy the last two days. The brother of my friend F was killed. He had just opened his own restaurant, a small one, and he was there with many members of his family, his son and many cousins. Then three car loads of men stopped, and they wanted to kidnap him. When they couldn't they shot him, right in front of his 15 years old son, who threw a chair on them trying to defend his father. I and M. spent the last two days going from the police station to the hospital where the body is and then to the morgue and then to arrange the funeral and all... In the morgue I carried the dead guy,"
Tell me a secret
Damn! Khalid we were just a talking about you and your "friends", and their indiscriminate tactic of directly targeting civilians. We all know that it makes no difference to the insurgency what side your on, you can be a supporter or not, it don't matter one bit. You are a target for violence. And being a supporter might even make it easier for them to target you directly. As they know who you are. Good luck Khalid, I think your going to need it.


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