Friday, April 22, 2005

Mail Call

In a resent e-mail, I was asked:

"Did you check out the "religious policeman?" Alhamedi Alanezi he is one brave man. His last post was in April of last year. I'm just wondering what happened to him.

If anyone is a symbol of the great new democratic awakening in the Middle East, it's this guy.

Maybe, you know or you can ask your readers if they have any news on him.
I think the way I heard the story, one of the other KSA bloggers got caught, or something, people got scared and shut down their blogs...something like that...Other bloggers from the region I think said that he was fine, just waiting it out...last I heard...Story developing...If anyone knows more, or could provide a link to any other discussions on this or any other missing bloggers out there, it would be appreciated. I have brought to these pages any news of blogger abuse when I've seen it out there, and the reading public is always encouraged and welcome to bring any news relating to this fucking war to these pages. And freedom of speech and expression, the free flow of information are as important to this conflict, as the bullets bombs and knives.


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