Friday, April 22, 2005

U.S. Army defends embattled Stryker

"WASHINGTON — Citing videotaped testimonials from soldiers in Iraq, the Army yesterday returned fire in a battle with critics of its Stryker troop-carrying vehicle, which some say inadequately protects soldiers.

The Army says the Stryker has proved its worth in numerous combat engagements, although its own think tank, the Center for Army Lessons Learned, found numerous design flaws and other problems.

When the Army center's study of the Stryker's performance in Iraq received news coverage late last month, Army officials mounted a public defense of the 19-ton, eight-wheeled vehicle. Some see it as a forerunner of a new generation of lighter, more mobile Army combat vehicles."
The Seattle Times
From what I have heard, Joe loves his truck and he don't want to give it up.


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