Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Democracy Revolution in the Middle East started

"The spark ignited and the big ball started to role. The choices for the late runners are limited.

In 1990s the democracy in East Europe started in one place and spread like the electrical current to other places so quickly. Not so late after that the world discovered that the parts which remained under the totalitarian role represent the evil and danger which may lead to world catastrophe. The international community then acted to exterminate them."
People are very selfish, they want what other people have. Once a place like Iraq, where no one in their right mind would have believed that basic liberties and democracy could be remotely possible, start on the road to achieving these things. The other people of the region will wonder, well what about us. And once they see with their own eyes that it's not some outside force that denies them, but only internal forces (the dictator) then they will on their own focus their efforts there.


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