Saturday, January 15, 2005

Syria and the Wahabis

"On the other hand Al-Arabyia TV showed Saudi terrorist who was captured after his booby-trapped fuel tanker exploded in Baghdad before reaching its target. Ahmed Abdala Shaiyaa 24 yrs old said that he was not aware that the car is going to explode. He said that he was deluded by a group of terrorists in Saudi Arabia who recruit young Saudis and Arabs to work with Tawhed wa Jihad in Iraq. They took him to Syria where the Arabs and Saudis taken there and crossed via Al-Bokamal region to Ramadi. They gave him the tanker and asked him to take it to a specific location in Baghdad. They told him once he is there some one from the Mujahdeen will receive tanker there. In stead of that the tanker exploded and he was thrown away on the road."


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