Tuesday, January 11, 2005

To go or stay, what was the question?

"To expect to defeat the whole global terrorism through battles in Iraq is not realistic. The realistic goal is deprive them of one more base, establish a democracy in Iraq that can affect the neighboring countries to a great extent and then move on to another base, do the same (which would be much easier than Iraq and won't necessary require an invasion) and so on."
Free Iraqi
Ali make some good points, I like them because I have been saying similar things for a while. But unfortunately for us, I really don't know if the US will do it. The administrations announced plan is to invite the terrorist and their supporters to come to Iraq and fight there, and not here. This plan has worked like a dream till now, and I don't see them changing it unless the facts on the ground require it.

I was thinking that maybe the new government might start to control the borders and force the hand of the US, but that's a long shot at best.

I think for now the best we can hope for is that we are able to keep the insurgency corralled in a few cities, or that the terrorist stop coming in on their own, again forcing the administrations hand. Either way they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of their world view.


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