Saturday, December 25, 2004

We went to school today

"So, Christmas is not promising here.. It looks so dark outside although it's 2PM.. We went out tomorrow for my cousin's birthday (Who became 7 years old) and people are talking about how courageous we are to go out at 4PM!! I felt sorry for this boy, he was so afraid the day before yesterday when plains were throwing rockets from the sky. But I don't blame him, mom was so scared too.

I feel like I'm getting more pessimistic everyday. But I'm more positive than I look like here..
One more new before signing out.. The number of students who died in the bus accident increased to 5, the one who died the other day, and 3 from the bus, and another one (16 years old) from the car infront of them..

Okay, Merry Christmas one more time, and good bye."
A Star from Mosul


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