Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Broken Windows

"Yes, I did see the university of Mosul, and it's great. You're right, there are responsible Americans.
Americans who caught Saddam, who rebuilt the university, who are paying for my school's expenses, who close the street to blow up a bomb, who gave the pictures of Abu-Ghraib to the media.. Americans who if I praised, I won't have my relatives to think that I became crazy to think that way, Americans who are giving children in the streets money to get them to study..

But, there are irresponsible Americans too:
Americans who abused Iraqis in Jail, who caught my mom's friend's son in jail because they suspected him, who broke into my cousin's house this Sunday (Full story later), who accidentally blew half of the governments' building up, who accidentally killed half of Falloja,who didn't guard our museums, who don't warn people before blowing up bombs (Try it! Bring a loud speaker and tell people to open their windows or at least get way from them, they'll like you.), Americans who took Saddam's palaces as bases, who while searching two women's houses made them both lie on the ground with guns over their heads (What harm can those two women do to you. BTW: Those two women are relatives), Americans who destroyed a mosque in Mosul, who urinating in the middle of the street cutting the way for tens of Iraqis, who made my poor son-in-law sit on the bridge with tens of others for more than one and half hour, he was fasting, eager to see his wife and daughter, not knowing the his dad was killed by AMERICANS for no reason.."
A Star in Mosul
Well Najma right away I can tell you that people are going to still complain, for one, your bad american list is longer than your good american.
But remember one thing just like there are good and bad American there are also smart and stupid Americans. We also like things nice and neat, with the good guys and bad guys all lined up so we can tell them apart, once they read from someone like you, who is conflicted through no fault of your own, they will want to put you down on one of their list, but they will not find an easy place for you and get confused. give them time, and they will grow.


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