Wednesday, December 22, 2004

resolve in the face of murder

"In a lengthy account of the weekend's horrific bombings, Post staffers and stringers gathered Iraqi reaction to these attempts to intimidate them. Here's one example:

"'These attacks aim to destroy the country and the holy sites. This is terrorism against Shiites,' said Fadhil Salman, 41, the owner of the Ghufran Hotel in Najaf. 'They want to foil the elections, but this won't deter us.'"

Here's another:

"'God saved us,' said Abu Ahmed, an employee of Kawther Transportation Co., whose office was just 10 yards from the blast. He was cut by flying glass.
'All the dead and wounded were civilians,' he said by telephone. 'But this won't stop the people from returning to their normal lives.'"

Here's a third:

"'I swear to God, even if they burn all the elections centers, we will still go and vote,' said Ali Waili, 29, a taxi driver reached by telephone in Karbala. 'We have been mistreated for a long time, we have been tortured for a long time.'"

Here's a fourth:

"Those responsible [for blasts at a mosque] 'must be trying to incite sectarian strife, but this will not happen,' said a mosque caretaker, Ali Mashhadani."


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