Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Training, training and more training

We got commended for having such accurate fire at that distance by the First Sergeant, which he said was really really good shit at that range. Out of 2 companies, our Platoon, 2nd Platoon, out of 8 other Platoons did the absolute best. One of the OC's, which are guys that observe the whole assault and then give a AAR (after action review) and tell us everything we did wrong and right said we were the best he'd ever seen, we were extremely fast and it was extremely well done. After that, we did a 12 mile road march will all our equipment. It's not easy to carry a machine gun on a long road march like that, but I was able to do pretty well and had to encourage other guys to keep going and not to stop. We all completed it without a single fall out. After that we did a mass formation of both companies and a Lt Colonel, told us how damn impressed he was with everyone and that he has absolutely no doubt that when we get deployed to Iraq soon, again, that there will be nothing we can't handle. He also said how extremely proud he was of each and everyone of us. Our platoon was the only platoon that did a night assault on the objective, we only got 1 1 /2 hours of sleep before we had to step and conduct the road march. So, we were all pretty tired, but we all still made it. When we got back to the Company area, they commended us on that too. 2nd Platoon has always been known as the best Platoon in the whole company. We are starting to get ALOT of cherries (new guys, FNGs)



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