Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Be all you can be

City is now firmly in hand, so it is time to make ourselves the authority. We start seeing to the local populace, by monitoring traffic, and stimulating the local economy by buying lots of snacks and sodas. Sadly, this also means that we have to help, even when we can't. While in this new pb, a local girl in a neighboring house somehow fell into her families septic tank. It was filled with methane gas, shortly after passing out she died of asphyxiation. Another family member, an uncle or something, tried to get her out. Passed out in the process and also died. This is when the family waved down an ING from our little slice of heaven. He went over to see what they wanted without telling anyone where he was going. He too went in the hole, passed out and died. This was the point they flipped out. They gathered and started crying and screaming. This alarmed us, we thought it was a riot and went to investigate.

The Questing Cat


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