Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Kim Jong-il Ordered Mass Production of Nukes

A leaked internal document from North Korea's Workers Party says former leader Kim Jong-il ordered the mass-production of nuclear bombs, the Tokyo Shimbun reported Monday. Kim died in December last year.

The 19-page document was written in February to indoctrinate mid-level party officials.

It quotes Kim as saying, "We are not spending time on uranium enrichment technology to use just for civilian industrial use. It is natural that such a technology will lead to nuclear bombs from the military point of view." He then issued instructions to "produce a large quantity of nuclear bombs."

Kim also warned that unless the U.S. economy recovers, President Barack Obama could take special interest in the North Korean nuclear issue to regain popularity. "If the enemy [the U.S.] proposes dialogue, we should imply that this is unnecessary," Kim is quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the document shows that current leader Kim Jong-un has put significantly more stress on the economy. "We need to establish the order in which decisions on economic issues made by the Cabinet are accepted," he said. "The party leadership should give active support to functionaries in the economic or administrative sectors."

The Chosunilbo


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