Monday, July 02, 2012

Top CIA spy is accused of being a HITMAN for Miami mobsters

Top CIA spy Enrique 'Ricky' Prado has been accused of working as a hitman for mobsters in Miami.

The shock allegations are outlined in a new book, How to Get Away with Murder in America, by journalist Evan Wright.

In the blockbuster story, Mr Wright claims the now retired agent started his career dropping bodies in Miami's criminal underworld and kept working for the mob even after joining the CIA.

A veteran of the Central American wars, Mr Prado ran the Central Intelligence Agency's operations in Korea and was a top spy in America's espionage programs against China.

Later he became deputy to counter-terrorist chief Cofer Black and before doing a stint at Blackwater, according to Wired.

But Mr Wright, who is also the author of Generation Kill, the story of the Iraq invasion, alleges Mr Prado was involved with the Mafia throughout his revered career, which ended with him as head of the agency's secret assassination squad against Al Qaeda.

'In protecting Prado, the CIA arguably allowed a new type of mole — an agent not of a foreign government but of American criminal interests — to penetrate command,' Mr Wright says in the book.
The author details years-long investigations into the Miami mafia by state and federal police that either went nowhere, were side-lined by those at the top or were derailed by light sentences.

As well as Mr Prado, the book tracks the life of notorious cocaine trafficker Alberto San Pedro, one of Mr Prado's childhood friends.

Mr Wright claims San Pedro hosted parties for Miami's rich and famous, lost one of his testicles in a drive-by shooting, tortured guard dogs for fun and imported tens of millions of dollars of cocaine into the United States each year, according to Wired.

Meanwhile, Mr Prado was moonlighting as a killer, according to the journalist who claims investigators with the Miami-Dade Police Department's organised crime squad suspected him of participating in at least seven murders and one attempted murder.

And the bodies continued to fall as Mr Prado was working his way up inside the CIA, the book purports, with one alleged victim, a cocaine distributor in Colorado, being killed by a car bomb.



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