Sunday, July 08, 2012

Born With a Junk Food Deficiency: How Flaks, Quacks, and Hacks Pimp the Public Health

Are you suspicious of Big Food and Big Pharma? In this hard-hitting expose, leading national muckraker Martha Rosenberg blows the lid off of everything you thought you knew about these gigantic industries. What's going on behind the scenes is more suspicious, more devious, more disreputable than you could ever have imagined.
Rosenberg has gained the trust of more than twenty doctors, researchers, and experts who were willing to come forward and finally tell all. Born with a Junk Food Deficiency includes explosive interviews with a number of military families whose loved ones fell victim to suicides by antidepressants. There are also behind-the-scenes looks at farms and slaughterhouses and interviews with farm workers that will profoundly affect food consumers. What the author reveals about government complicity, regulatory food and drug safety lapses, and legislative injustices will shock and appall readers.

The message is clear: The pharmaceutical and agricultural industries are tainting public health through marketing disguised as medical education and research, aggressive lobbying, and high-level conflicts of interest.

If you're concerned about the safety of the food you eat and the drugs you take, you owe it to yourself to read this important book.


I was watching the interview on c-span's After Words program and she talks about the veterans suicide rate, for the first time I heard an answer to the high rate of suicides problem we have. She said the first place to look was the drug cocktails they give the veterans all of witch come with a suicide warning. That is the first time I have heard some kind of explanation to the explosion of suicides.


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