Monday, March 19, 2012

US, Iranians ‘clash’ at sea

KUWAIT CITY, March 5: US troops opened fire on a boat carrying six Iranians near Kuwait’s territorial waters, a source told Al-Shahed daily, adding four Iranians were killed, one was wounded and another was reported missing.

According to the source, the Iranian boat approached a prohibited area that was under the control of US Navy and refused to obey orders. Kuwait’s Coast Guards have been put on alert following the incident, which occurred northeast of the territorial waters of the country.

The source also added that US-Kuwait joint forces began searching for the missing Iranian, while the injured was referred to the US military hospital for treatment. The remains of the four Iranians were recovered by US troops and will be repatriated to Iran.

The US Army has launched an investigation into the incident and is keeping the damaged boat to find out why the Iranians wanted to enter the prohibited area.

Arab Times

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