Friday, May 27, 2011

There’s Fire

"Fighting season is now on. This year the villains strategy appears to involve deliberate attacking on aid projects and let me tell you something we (the outside the wire aid community) are getting hammered. In the last week a majority of us have had to deal with murders, intimidation, shootings, IED’s, kidnappings and attacks on vendors in all areas of the country. There are more men and women outside the wire doing good deeds then any you suspect; most are smart enough to keep a low profile and I now wish I were one of them.

It didn't take long for the incident stats in the south to shoot right back up

This will be my last post. I’m afraid the blog has become too popular raising my personal profile too high. We have had to change everything in order to continue working. How we move, how we live, our security methodology; all of it has been fine tuned. Part of that change is allowing the FRI blog to go dark. I have no choice; my colleagues and I signed contracts, gave our word, and have thousands of Afghan families who have bet their futures on our promises. If we are going to remain on the job we have to maintain a low profile and that is hard to do with this blog."


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