Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Strange World: Gary Busey: Streets Filled With Rubble


I’ve been sober for thirteen years and I’ve got a few things on my mind which I’d like to share with you. M.I.N.D. - Marijuana Induced Narcoleptic Dementia. {...}

Whenever someone dies and someone says they’re in a better place now I wonder how bad their apartment could possibly be that a hole in the ground would be a step up. And Rest In Peace is a pretty goofy thing to say. Once you’re dead, people generally stop hassling you. Futhermore no one’s death is ever untimely. It always right after the heart stops. D.E.A.D - Don’t Eat A Dingo. {...}

Getting a girlfriend is a lot like getting a new dog. Sure, you can spend a lot of money and get a nice one, but if you’re patient, and not so picky, sometimes you can find one hanging around the dumpsters at Burger King looking for something to eat. G.I.R.L. - General Insanity Running Loose. Read more at Our Strange World.


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