Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesdaze Blog Roundup on Iraq (25 March)

The times are usually not so fun in Iraq, and this past week hasn't been much different. Here's what the blogs are saying:
Obsidian Wings reports on the troubles with the Mahdi Army
Brandon Friedman talks about the ceasefire too
A Soldier's Perspective has a different take on the 4,000 dead
Michael Yon on Al-Qaeda in Ninawa province
Views of a Veteran lambastes the Minnesota school that wouldn't let VFF visit
Eighty Deuce, who recently got back from Iraq, may write a book telling his story
Small Wars Journal has a good piece on keeping in JOs (it didn't work on me)
Zen Traveler says withdrawing from Iraq a bad idea
The Tank on detainees wanting to stay in US custody for education opportunities
Army of Dude talks about the grim 4,000 milestone in a personal way
Doc in the Box likes Juno (I did too)
Michael Totten on the liberation of Karmah
Chickenhawk Express on some unruly protestors disrupting Easter mass
Hello Iraq on suicidal vets
Long War Journal in Mosul on an Al-Qaeda truck bomb
Iraq Partii has a great post on the suckass IRR recall program
Angry American re-ups! A much braver man than I
McClatchy Watch talks about a sorry ass protest
Deborah Haynes talks about snakes in the ladies loo in Basrah
Navy Gal is off to Iraq (safe travels to her)
Matthew Yglesias disagrees with Army Captain's having that much power (I disagreed in the comments)
Iraq the Purgatorium on Lessons
Newsweek Soldier's Home with diaries from the invasion in 2003
Hot Air on the foreign fighters flying the coop
False Motivation may be heading home soon
SGT Grumpy on shoddy electrical wiring
IAVA has Iraq vets hanging out with Obama
Moonbattery has some information on the return of Jesse MacBeth
Argghhh! with insight on the Iraqi economy
Fuzzilicious Thinking discusses what the war means to her
NY Time Baghdad Blog on the invasion
Abu Muqawama on freedom of speech for officers
LT Nixon Rants
With apologies to my buddy Nixon, but I got lazy and just lifted all his work wholesale.


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